Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Increase Your Web Site Coversions & Sales

Tips That Can Increase Your Web Site Coversions And Sales
  • Create a list of things to check for a particular process related to your business’s topic.
    Eg: checklist for creating a web site, skin care survey.
  • Create an ebook of text transcripts of a related recent event. It can be a seminar, speech, class, interview, etc.
  • Publish dictionary of terms relating to your specific business industry or subject matter in your Resources section.
  • Offer a live chat help feature were you can give your web site visitors advice on your business products & help select a product or service you offer .
  • Create ready-made plans for a particular project your target audience wants to accomplish. It could be business plans, healthy lifestyle plans, etc.
  • Offer printable, ready-made forms your visitors or customers would use regularly. It could be product category forms, etc.
  • Publish timely e-mail reports that contains new research discoveries, surveys, and statistics about your related industry.
  • Finally,Update your web site frequently with fresh content so that every time your visitors come back, they will have something to read on your site. This is the most widely known and most effective method of attracting returning visitors, but this is also the least carried out one because of the laziness . No one will want to browse a site that looks the same over ten years, so keep your site updated with fresh bites!

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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Top 10 Tips for generating high quality sales leads at Exhibitions

How to Generate more High Quality Sales Leads at Exhibitions.
1. Agree the Exhibitions Objectives beforehand and set Measurable Targets
Set company targets and individual targets, e.g. qualified Leads – a 3 day show with a 12 sq/m stand with 3 staff on 7 hours a day. If you target 4 qualified leads per hour per person then you can target 252 qualified leads for the entire show . Estimate the number of people you need to talk to get 1 qualified lead. It will create resilience, e.g. if you know you get one lead from 20, then you are the 19 refusals become more bearable Gather Market Research – have 1 person asking questions.
2. Approach Prospects and invite Customers before the Exhibitions
Ask the event organisers if it is possible to get the pre-registered attendee list and run a direct email/mail campaign beforehand. Give current customers a reason to come and visit you. After the event ask the event organiser if you can get a list of the event attendees’ details to add to the prospect database.
3. Say “Hello” to Everyone
The fact that people have attended an exhibition gives you permission to talk to them. Have someone who “hooks” people onto the stand and then have others converting / filtering / gathering the data. Have your script prepared, especially your opening lines (“what have you come to the show for”). Brainstorm some good opening questions – it takes away the shy factor and helps to qualify visitors.
4. A Busy Stand is a Good Stand
Create theatre to generate interest because people always want to join the gang. Be creative – stimulate the 5 senses (fresh coffee / flowers / donuts); create a controversy board (do market research at the show around a controversial industry theme and share progress daily with the press (they want material to write about)); make it interactive to create interest Be happy – happy people on happy stands have better shows.
5. Match your Stand Design to your Exhibition Objectives
A shallow stand for lots of qualified leads (people walk quickly on and off) and a deep stand for expensive customers (sofas, coffee, bar etc for longer meetings) Make sure stand communicates your primary benefit; use more visuals than words – less is more; use height – organisers cannot charge you for it; width – make as long and narrow as possible; use colours for emotional interaction Clothing – same tie and shirt for everyone (to identify you all with the stand).
6. Record and Classify all leads at the time
Have lots of pens and pre-printed forms for stand staff to complete as they are talking with visitors Qualify leads according to their importance (A,B,C) and what follow up they require(telephone, email, brochure) Only send brochures / information after the event – better to collect prospect business cards to retain control of the follow up process.
7. Have stand rules
This will ensure a consistently professional presentation, e.g. Say hello to everyone Staff cannot sit down without a customer No mobiles on the stand Thank everyone for their time Wear the same uniforms Stay till the end – the most important people turn up late.
8. Agree the Follow Up plan before the show
You need a plan to contact prospects at least 6 times in the following 9 months (the majority of sales success is timing and people) .
9. Secure the right Stand Location
The best sites are at the end of an aisle or junction and in a central busy location. Remember 60% of people turn right after the entrance; everyone goes to the toilet and cloakroom; and never face a wall .
10. Network with the best people
Remember, exhibitions are great places to recruit people .

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